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Welcome to the LPN resume site! As a licensed practical nurse, your resume is an important part of your job-search process. While your education, training and credentials are the most useful tools you have to land an LPN job, you can’t even be considered if potential employers do not know what it is that you have to offer their team. It takes dedication to become a licensed practical nurse, but that doesn’t mean you are an expert at organizing your strengths in a way that appeals to your potential boss. Luckily, we can help.What a Resume Needs

Not every resume is created equal. It’s true that you want your LPN resume to stand out from the competition. However, every resume that is memorable is not going to be impressive. Your potential employer will recognize glaring typos, for example, but not in a way that will give you the edge in the hiring process. In order for a hospital or doctor’s office to take your LPN application seriously, they want to see a resume that shows you have paid attention to details. Being a licensed practical nurse, after all, is a detail-oriented job. There are a few basics you can start with when creating the best LPN resume.

  • Follow a consistent format.
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Choose a font that is easy to read.
  • Use subheadings and bullet points for quick scanning.
  • Deliver a resume that is neat and polished, from the content to the paper it is printed on
  • What We Offer

    It is becoming clear that landing a good LPN job is getting more difficult. These positions are well-paid, meaning that you will possibly be competing against dozens of candidates for any particular job available to a licensed practical nurse. If you apply for positions that pay more than normal, such as those offered by private companies, this is an even bigger factor to deal with during the hiring process. While you can find any number of resume sample sites, using a general template will not give you the competitive edge. We offer you a full spectrum on resume samples and templates that are specifically geared to the licensed practical nurse. Using these samples will help you target your resume to the specific needs of the medical field, increasing your chances of getting a lucrative LPN position. Because each job opening is unique, and your own history and experience is individualized, we have a full spectrum of resume samples and templates for you to draw from.

    Using Our Resume Samples and Templates

    There are several ways that you can use our large assortment of resume samples and templates. For some licensed practical nurses, one or more of the templates are perfect as-is. In order to prepare a professional and memorable LPN resume, it is only necessary to transfer your information into one of these options. Other people may find that it works better to combine certain aspects of different resume samples into one personalized version. This allows you cater your resume, making it more specific to your needs. Feel free to use the LPN resume samples to guide you through the resume-writing process. The available resume samples and templates can be used in any way that works best for you.

    The Importance of a Resume for LPNs

    As a professional, a resume is an extremely important tool. Most employers will not even consider you for an LPN job without first seeing this professional snapshot. Your LPN resume does several things to help you land a job. For the employer, it provides a first impression of what you have to offer. Because of that, your resume is absolutely critical to your professional success. However, if you wax too eloquent, your resume will be cumbersome to decipher and fail to have the desired effect. In order to accomplish the ultimate goal of getting you called back for an interview, your resume needs to be clear, concise and include all pertinent information in a way that is easy to understand. Our LPN resume samples take all these aspects into consideration and are the perfect tool for LPNs who need an edge in the hiring process.